Module 1

Module 1: Green IT

Energy requirements of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Germany has exceeded in year 2007 the barrier of 55 TWh, and showed in the years 1998 to 2008 an annual growth rate of 17%. CO2 emitted through this section of industry exceeds total CO2 emission of the air traffic industry.

Reasons behind this high energy consumption are diverse: ranging from poor efficiency, inefficient air-conditioning, and oversized infrastructure and IT resources to a non-optimized load management or outdated hardware. For this reason the efficiency of data centers varies, this efficiency could be described in terms of the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness).

The calculation of the energy requirements of a data center is not a straight-forward problem, but requires a comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of the data center, infrastructure, hardware and software installed and the various operational sections of the data center. This data about the data center is put into a software model that can calculate the energy consumption, and through this model data centers could be compared with reference data centers or with a future/planned state. The model produces important results that can help the owner optimize energy costs of its data centers or decide on a reinvestment.

Initial situation:

  • Energy consumption of ICT is very high and growing fast → increasing CO2 emissions
  • High energy demand caused ecological damage and enormous costs
  • Complex and inter-dependencies between factors that affect energy demand


  • Comprehensive measurement and analysis of the "complete system": Data Center
  • Modeling of the Data Center based on obtained data
  • Strategies to improve energy efficiency
  • Certification of data centers

→ Situation-specific, semi-automatic detection of the energy needs of the entire supply chain of a data center.

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