Module 2

Module 2: Green Production & Logistics

A next generation CEMIS should be used for investigating environmental impacts, planning and controlling environmental protection measures and providing decision support for the selection of alternatives.

The difference of production and transport processes regarding the assessment of environmental impacts requires a division of the module into two sub-modules. Sub-module “Green Production” provides tools for creating material and energy flow models of existing processes as well as not existing ones. With these models it is possible to quantify the environmental impacts on different aggregation levels. The results can be used to compare the advantage of different production systems.

The second sub-module offers methods, which will help to identify the environmental impacts of an organizations transportation services. The modeling of transportation processes is done by separating the process into different stages and assessing the impacts for each of them. Similar to production processes it is possible to model routes that do not exist yet and compare them to the status quo.

Finally the identified alternatives of both sub-modules can be evaluated with the help of a decision support system.

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