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CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA

The photo and online print service company CEWE, with 11 highly-technical production operations and a staff of around 3,200 employees in 24 European countries, is both market and technological leader. In 2013 CEWE delivered around 2.37 billion prints, 5.8 million copies of the CEWE PHOTO BOOK and photo gift articles to more than 30,000 retail partners to generate consolidated turnover of 528.6 million euros. CEWE is a "first mover" in the introduction of new digital technologies and products. In the new business segment of online printing, printed material for advertising is marketed through the sales platforms , saxoprint and viaprinto. In 1961 CEWE was founded by Senator h. c. Heinz Neumüller. The company went public under the leadership of Hubert Rothärmel in 1993. CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA is listed on the SDAX.

Sustainability: CEWE was one of the first companies listed on the SDAX (Germany’s stock market index for SMEs) to produce a transparent sustainability report: for the last five years, CEWE has been reporting on and documenting sustainability activities in an annual sustainability report based on the current guidelines recommended by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

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erecon AG

In 2003, Harald Rossol, founder of erecon AG, set himself a dedicated goal. As managing director of the technology and management company b.r.m. business resource management he wants to transform his server room into a "one-percent computer centre" within the next years. Today, the company has already reduced its energy consumption by almost 2/3 (65%) since 2003 – with increasing tendency. Since 2008, erecon AG has put its skills in the area of Green IT to good use in the form of consulting services nationwide.

Guided by the concept of Green IT erecon AG is uniting server architecture, building management and air conditioning into an innovative, integrated system that brings double profit: on the environment and for the balance of the company. With our consulting expertise we approach companies, public services and other institutions, which operate data centers and server rooms. In essence, it's about optimizing all information and communication processes with the help of a contemporary eco-friendly, energy-efficient and climate-friendly green IT - while at the same time that Green IT relieves all users significantly on the cost side. Green IT requires a holistic approach to act sustainable and cost-efficient.

In January 2010 the optimization and upgrading of four data centers in Bremen (by erecon AG) was awarded, with the label of "Good Practice in Energy Efficiency" by the German Energy Agency (dena) in the category of object-related projects. With its commitment to sustainable climate protection erecon AG is a member of the “Green IT-Alliance” between the German Government, industry and science.

Since 2011 erecon AG is partner of the “business partnership for environment” network. Together with seven other members the climate fund “environment businesses human nature” was lunched. As Germany's first company in the field of information and communication technologies erecon AG is now officially bearing the “Blue Angel for energy efficient data centers” in the company's appearance. erecon AG awarded the 2nd prize of the “Energy Efficiency Award 2013”. The company implemented a variety of energy efficiency activities systematically and reached a high reduction in power consumption (in spite of higher work load).

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Gemeinde Spiekeroog

Spiekeroog is absolutely independent municipality. In addition to the mayor eight women and men are representatives for about 750 citizens of the municipality in the council. All of the important departments are represented in the town hall of Spiekeroog. The municipality is responsible for the kindergarten and primary school. They have a volunteer fire brigade. Sport clubs, sailing club, museum association and a club for special German type of sport named “Klootschießen” ensure a living together in solidarity and sociability and contribute significantly to feeling of togetherness and belonging of the islanders. Two active church municipalities give Spiekeroog the expression “island of church” and are also responsible for a good living on Spiekeroog. New citizens are always welcome. Everyone would be integrated specially for employers who works there for a fixed period.

Sustainability is important for Spiekeroog. Spiekeroog is a partner of the biosphere reserve at the administration of the National Park Wadden Sea of Lower Saxony and coshareholder of the “Umweltzentrums Wittbülten” (centrum for environmental in Wittbülten). Spiekeroog is also member of Trustees environmental Foundation of Spiekeroog. The municipality participate also in research projects like in this case “IT-for-Green”.

Spiekeroog knows their responsibility for environmental, for tourists and guests and for the citizens which lives on this island and tries to harmonize the different reconstruction efforts. Since 2011 is Spiekeroog one of  the industial partners of the project It for Green and their main focus is on the modul sustainability reporting and dialog.

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Hellmann Worldwide Logistics GmbH & Co. KG

Founded in 1871, the company started with one man, Carl Heinrich Hellmann, using a horse-drawn cart to deliver parcels in and around the town of Osnabrueck, northern Germany. Four generations later, Carl’s great-grandchildren, Jost and Klaus, own and run the company with an active network in 157 countries. Today Hellmann operates a truly global organization while remembering our humble beginnings: they continue to value every customer and understand that each project requires a unique solution. This powerful combination of an individual approach within an international framework ensures that Hellmann delivers top-quality customized logistics solutions, every time.

Different international Logistic Solutions are offered including different modes of transport, such as Air and Sea transports as well as Rail and Road transports.
Further activities as an extensive range of CEP services, contract logistics and specific solutions for industry branches and IT as well as recycling solutions, training and insurance services, are part of the company’s portfolio.

For a globally active company such as Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the development of economic interests is inherently connected to their responsibility for the environment, and the idea of sustainable development has long been our focus. At Hellmann, they are committed to working within a structured system of environmental management using task-oriented methods, continuous self-monitoring, and regular external auditing.
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics supports the UN Global Compact.

“Optimizing our logistic processes regarding Efficiency and Sustainability is a core objective of our company and firmly established in our mission statement, the corporate D.N.A. Our IT systems are an important and indispensable part of logistic processes. Because of that IT-for-green supports our efforts in measuring, controlling and minimizing the carbon footprint of our IT systems.“

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NOWIS - Nordwest-Informationssysteme GmbH & Co. KG

NOWIS is a specialist for IT-based process optimization. As a member of the VRG group NOWIS is consistently focused on consulting and serving midmarket organizations for over 49 years. On these capabilities organizations from very different industries and sectors rely on – manufacturing and process industry, service companies and public institutions.

The NOWIS business model is holistic. With the portfolio of consulting and solution for medium sized enterprises NOWIS offered one of the most comprehensive service and product ranges. NOWIS analyzes existing processes and is implementing quickly and inexpensively customized IT solutions.
As a company and employer NOWIS bears great responsibility for people and the environment: With investments in new air-conditioning solution and optimization of cooling NOWIS ensures a resource-saving operation of modern server centers.

Flexible working hours and a comprehensive range of sporting activities in cooperation with Hanse Fit are results for a good work life balance of their employees. The supply chain management attaches great importance to the reduction in CO2 emission. Sustainable success – this is the main goal of NOWIS!
NOWIS is participating as a practical partner in the research project:

  • For NOWIS as a data center operator is the overview about management, IT, energy and air-conditioning systems and continuous improvements in energy management important.
  • NOWIS still has the focus on the sustainability reporting and on pragmatic support to the distribution of important information for the report.

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SAP University Competence Center

The SAP University Competence Center (SAP UCC) Magdeburg was established by its project partners SAP AG, Hewlett Packard (HP), T-Systems CDS GmbH and Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg in June 2001. Today, approximately 450 German and international educational institutions – mainly universities, universities of applied sciences and vocational schools – are provided with hosted SAP solutions for teaching and research. In addition to free software licenses, SAP University Alliances in Walldorf supports its program members logistically and professionally with trainings and in curriculum and research projects. Furthermore, SAP UCC Magdeburg cooperates with the local T-Systems International and HP in various operational projects.

During the last 13 years and based on their SAP licenses for teaching and research, almost 4,000 lecturers have incorporated innovative teaching material developed at SAP UCC Magdeburg into their courses. To meet the academic and vocational needs, UCC employees are continuously improving existing teaching material and are developing new curricula based on the teaching concepts Teaching Integration and Integrated Teaching.

In order to host SAP systems performantly and efficiently, together with SAP AG and HP SAP UCC Magdeburg conducts research in the field of Landscape Virtualization Management. All results have been applied to and tested in the operative UCC hosting environment and led, for example, to a 40% energy consumption decrease in 2011 after hardware consolidation and application virtualization. In addition, relevant findings were presented to and integrated into the product development at involved project partners. In April 2014, SAP UCC Magdeburg was announced the first SAP Big Data Innovation Center and is providing international educational institutions with SAP solutions based on the in-memory technology SAP HANA.

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